Futurama Season 11 Episode 9 (2023)

1. Futurama's Revival Introduces The Show's Darkest Episode In 20 Years

  • 3 days ago · Futurama's season 11, episode 9 takes a dark turn with a storyline that may unsettle some fans, deviating from the show's usual light-hearted ...

  • Futurama season 11 just got really dark.

2. Futurama Season 11 Lands The Punchline On A Decade-Old Joke ...

  • 3 days ago · In the latest episode of Futurama, Leela and Fry visit the King of Space, thereby revisiting a years-old joke and reminding us why Futurama ...

  • In the latest episode of Futurama, Leela and Fry visit the King of Space, thereby revisiting a years-old joke and reminding us why Futurama is so great.

3. Futurama Season 11 Episode 9 Review: The Prince and the Product

  • 1 day ago · Futurama Season 11 Episode 9, “The Prince and the Product,” is a mixed bag consisting of clever gags and plot points that don't necessarily make ...

  • The latest episode of Futurama features unique variations on characters, as well as plot points that don't entirely work. Check out our review!

4. FUTURAMA Recap: (S11E09) The Prince and the Product

  • 3 days ago · Futurama season 11's penultimate episode is an out-of-continuity anthology wrapped in a made-up story shell. “The Prince and the Product” was ...

  • The penultimate episode of Futurama season 11 is "The Prince and the Product," the latest in a long line of anthology episodes.

5. Futurama: Season 11, Episode 9 - Rotten Tomatoes

  • The crew members are reborn as toys.

  • Synopsis:The crew members are reborn as toys.

6. Bender's Futurama Season 11 Episode 9 Story Reveals New Fate ...

  • 3 days ago · In "Futurama" season 11, episode 9, it is revealed that reincarnation exists in the show's universe, as Bender dies and comes back as a plane.

  • Futurama just dropped a huge piece of lore.

7. Futurama Season 11 Ep. 9 Giving Us "Rick and Morty" Vibes (PREVIEW)

  • 4 days ago · Futurama Season 11 Episode 9: "The Prince and the Product": The crew members are reborn as toys. Written by Ari John Kaplan & Eric Kaplan, ...

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8. Futurama Season 11 Episode 9 Release Date & Time

  • Sep 6, 2023 · The Futurama Season 11 Episode 9 release date and time has been revealed already. The upcoming episode “The Prince and the Product” will air ...

  • Futurama Season 11 Episode 9's release date and time have been revealed. Here are all the details on the ninth episode.

9. Futurama Season 11 Ep. 9: The Crew Has Its Own "Toy Story" (PREVIEW)

  • 6 days ago · Futurama Season 11 Episode 9: "The Prince and the Product": The crew members are reborn as toys. Written by Ari John Kaplan & Eric Kaplan, ...

  • Here's a look at a sneak preview for Matt Groening & David X. Cohen's Futurama S11E09: "The Prince and the Product" - hitting Hulu next week.

10. Futurama Releases Episode 9 Sneak Peek: Watch - ComicBook.com

  • 4 days ago · Futurama Season 11 Episode 9 is titled "The Prince and the Product" and will be premiering with Hulu on Sunday, September 17th at 11:00PM. Hulu ...

  • Futurama releases an early sneak peek at Episode 9 ahead of its Hulu premiere.


How many episodes will Futurama Season 11 have? ›

However, Futurama's revival is being split into two parts of 10 episodes each, with a hiatus between the two volumes. Hulu gave the series a rare 20-episode order, proving the platform believes in the animated show's revival. However, the language regarding how the 20 episodes are being split has been ambiguous.

Why did nibbler push fry? ›

Fry is upset to see that Nibbler tipped him into the cryogenic chamber and sent him to the year 3000. Nibbler explains that he had to do so, as Fry was the only person who could defeat the Brainspawn.

What season did Futurama switch to Comedy Central? ›

Starting in 2007, 20th Century Fox Television released four straight-to-DVD Futurama films. These films were subsequently reconfigured into four episodes each and were broadcast on four separate nights in 2008 and 2009 on Comedy Central as a fifth season.

When in 2023 is Futurama coming out? ›

Q: When is Futurama Season 11 premiering, and what can fans expect from it? A: Futurama Season 11 premieres on July 24, 2023, on Hulu. Fans can expect exciting new events, modern-day problems and romantic moments for Fry and Leela.

Does Futurama have 4 endings? ›

Due to the recurrently uncertain production status of Futurama, "Meanwhile" is the fourth episode written to serve as an ending to the series.

Why did Futurama stop for 2 years? ›

Groening and Fox never reached an agreement on the show's regular time slot, leading to people losing interest in the animated series. Despite the lack of an official cancellation, Fox stopped buying episodes during the fourth season, causing it to go out of production in 2003.

Why is Fry immune to the brains? ›

That savior, it turns out, is Fry. Fiona explains that Fry is immune because his brain does not generate a delta brain wave. As the Spawn are commanded by a giant evil brain of pure hate, Fry's mission is to destroy it.

What Futurama character has 3 eyes? ›

Physical Appearance

Nibbler is a biped, about a foot tall, with black fur, long arms, stubby legs, as well as a proportionally large head. He has two large eyes embedded in his skull and a small third eye on the end of a stalk that protrudes from the top of his head and only one nostril on his nose.

Is Fry his own grandfather? ›

The professor, Leela, and Bender then find Fry in bed with Mildred and point out that because Fry was still alive after his grandfather's death, he had become his own grandfather and that he had still slept with his own grandmother.

Will there be a season 12 of Futurama? ›

Good news for fans currently enjoying the 11th season of Futurama on Hulu — although we're just midway through the season, there's already a 12th season of the show in the works… and New York Comic Con 2023 attendees are going to be amongst the first people in the world to get an early look.

How many endings does Futurama have? ›

Due to Futurama's uncertain future, the creators made four different series finales, some of which were better than others. Although many shows only get one opportunity to end on a high note, Futurama has several episodes which can be considered series finales.

How many times has Futurama been revived? ›

'Futurama's Third Revival Doesn't Plead Its Case

Hulu's new reboot of the legacy sitcom only reinforces how great and untouchable its first run was.

Will Disney revive Futurama? ›

Hulu is set to bring back Futurama, the animated show from longtime Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Though the crew is back in all-new episodes, they will take on more topical subjects like Covid, Crypto, and Dune (2020).

Is Bender returning to Futurama? ›

Bender voice actor John DiMaggio joins Futurama revival, ending #Bendergate standoff. Bender voice actor speaks out about not returning for Futurama revival: 'It's about self-respect'

Will Bender be in Futurama 2023? ›

Bender's back, baby! When animated sci-fi comedy series “Futurama” returns for an 11th season on Hulu after a decade-long hiatus, voice actor John DiMaggio will reprise his role as the foulmouthed, human-hating robot.


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