Everything You Need to Know About Tabby Cats (2023)

The temperament of a tabby cat is just as attractive as its coat. These cats are experts at creating a home inside a person’s heart.

This article is for you if you’re interested in tabby personality traits and other tabby-related information.

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  1. History of the Tabby Cat
    • Traditional Tabby
    • Spotted Tabby
    • “Ticked” Tabby
    • Mackerel Tabby
    • Orange or Red Tabby
    • Brown Tabby
    • Tortoiseshell
    • Silver Tabby
    • Calico Tabby
    • Personality of the Tabby Cat
    • Abyssinian Tabby
    • Maine Coon
    • American Shorthair
    • Oriental
  2. Conclusion

Believe it or not…the Tabby is one of the most renowned cats in feline history. The Tabby is know for its distinctive coat pattern…

The coat frequently has stripes, spots, whorls, swirls, dashes, and broken stripes.

The tabby gene is found in many cat breeds around the world, making tabbies the most prevalent cats.

Your coworker’s daughter might have received a tabby kitten as a birthday present, or one of your friend’s indolent cats might have a tabby coat. The fact is, Tabbies are all over the place!…if you’ve ever seen a stray cat, there’s a good chance it was a Tabby…

If you’re curious about why these cats are so common, read on….because the history is interesting.

Amazingly, the tabby gene is the one that is the most similar between the ancient predators and our domestic cats today.

Despite the fact that tabbies can be found in many cat breeds, regardless of size, form, origin, etc., the name “tabby” comes from a particular kind of middle-eastern silk.

These cats are all tabbies because of their shared facial markings, which form a “M.” The wonderful “M” mark above their eyes on their forehead serves as a visual cue that the tabby gene is present.

  1. One of the oldest nations in the globe recognized for its practice of animal worship was Egypt. Tabby cat traces are frequently discovered in the ruins of ancient Egypt. Mau is the Egyptian word for cat. This resembles a meow a lot. Even if it asserts that the ‘M’ marking on a tabby’s forehead is true, it is still only a widely accepted mythology!
  2. Did you know that Mohammed loved cats? Yes! He loves cats, and tabbies in particular were his favorite. As a result, it is thought that Mohammed’s symbol, a “M,” is on a tabby. Despite having a strong belief, it is also a well-known legend!
  3. According to the third most well-known tradition, tabbies were given their names by the Virgin Mary. The ‘M’ mark on a tabby is justified by this narrative as well, but there is always room for new tales!

Although the tabby gene is found in many breeds, there are a variety of tabbies that can be distinguished based on their coats….all tabby coats have a unique pattern. The type of coat a Tabby cat has helps us identify its physical traits.

Traditional Tabby

Traditional tabbies frequently have stripes on their bodies and foreheads that vary in length. These cats also frequently have lighter foundation coats with darker stripes surrounding them. A marbled or blotched tabby cat is another name for a classic tabby (due to its resemblance to marble cake). This type of tabby is very prevalent and is seen in large numbers in the most popular cat breeds.

Spotted Tabby

Tabbies with spots have a face covered in stripes and the recognizable “M” mark, while the rest of their bodies are covered in spots. At first glance, it appears that this cat has taken a classic tabby’s face and put it to a small cheeta’s body.

These cats have a lot of adorable round and oval spots all over their bodies, though. The Ocicat and American Bobtail are two traditional examples of spotted tabby cats.

“Ticked” Tabby

Because they don’t have the conventional characteristics of a tabby cat, ticked tabbies are a special breed of tabby. On their forehead, they do have the traditional mark and their face may occasionally have darker colored stripes, but the rest of their body is covered in a simple solid color….or so we believe. When we examine them, we frequently see that their agouti hair has the light and dark striping typical of Tabbies. Abyssinian or Agouti Tabbies are other names for ticked tabbies.

Mackerel Tabby

The fact that a cat is named after a fish might seem odd but there’s a reason…which is, the full dark strip of fur running down the spine of these tabbies if you look at their coats closely…From this main band, the remaining strips branch off. The term comes from the way the stripes resemble the skeleton of a fish.

Orange or Red Tabby

Tabby cats are always of the red or orange variety and the gene responsible for this coloring is also responsible for the Tabby coat pattern (which is kind of intersting).

How can we forget about Garfield, the most well-known orange tabby?

Brown Tabby

The “Brown” Tabby is probably what most people think about when they picture a tabby…this is the most common type.

These cats have primarily solid brown paws and ears and virtually black or tan stripes over cream or light-colored fur on their bodies and faces.

…also, if you’ve ever seen a stray tabby…it was almost certainly a brown tabby.


Tortoiseshell tabbies are probably the most stunning tabby. Their body is covered in a variety of red and brown fur patches, and their face and legs have prominent tabby markings….which makes them similar to calico cats. The main difference being the Tortoiseshell has the distinct striped pattern that is emblematic of all Tabbies.

Silver Tabby

The Silver Tabby cat is a unique breed of domestic cat that has become popular in recent years. Known for its striking silver-hued coats and outgoing personality, the Silver Tabby cat is a good choice if you’re looking for a lively and friendly companion. Here we’ll explore the heritage, appearance, and temperament of these gorgeous cats.

Silver Tabby cats belong to the Ocicat breed, which are also known as Domestic Shorthairs or DSH cats. This type of cat is characterized by its light to medium gray fur with distinct “ticking” – markings in a darker shade. Its eyes are typically copper, green or yellow in color. The fur of the Silver Tabby is smooth and close lying – meaning it looks sleek and clean at all times!

Calico Tabby

Did you know that the term “calico” describes a cat’s color pattern rather than a specific breed? Calico Tabby refers to a cat with three different colors of fur and a forehead tabby mark.

These cats typically come in three colors: orange, white, and black, along with Calico spots and tabby stripes.

The tabby breed has a significant impact on the personality of the cat, even if the tabby pattern can be seen in both purebred and mixed-breed cats.

Personality of the Tabby Cat

Let’s look at the tabby cat personality qualities of certain breeds with tabby markings to better understand their dispositions.

Abyssinian Tabby

extremely spirited If you own an Abyssinian tabby, you are aware that your sofa, bed, and cautions are at risk. Yes! These cats are hyperactive and enjoy scratching, playing, climbing, and running.

Additionally, they have incredibly inquisitive personalities. Therefore, it’s essential to spend money on some eco-friendly cat toys to keep these fuzzy critters entertained daily.

Maine Coon

One of the biggest household cats is the Maine Coon. These cuddly giants like children and all human contact. They are attention seekers, and their outgoing nature frequently places them in the limelight.

Despite their larger-than-average size, these double-coated cats are incredibly docile. Get a Maine Coon if you want to adopt a tabby!

Ocicat is one of the priciest cat breeds and the product of diligent and selective breeding. These cats resemble tiger cubs in every way. However, in the case of this cat, appearances can be deceiving.

Being domestic, it lacks all of the violent characteristics of the huge cat that most closely resembles it. This cat, which has spotted tabby markings, would like going on a picnic or a short stroll with you.

It is reputed to be incredibly intelligent and easy to train. This tabby is unique in every way!

One of the cutest cats is the domestic shorthair. They do have short hair coats and various tabby stripes, living up to their name. a cat that possesses all the attributes needed to make the ideal pet.

These are a few of the tabby breeds that are most prevalent. However, whether they are pure bread or mixed bread affects how they behave.

The curly ears of this relatively recent breed of cats gave them their name. These cats love to socialize, but they don’t need a lot of attention and get along just well on their own. Although they are not extremely energetic, they like playing. This cat is a good choice for busy pet owners.

American Shorthair

The archetypal tabby is the American Shorthair. Similar to the American curl, these cats enjoy a healthy mix of company and seclusion. They are pleasant and interested from a distance but do not especially love being touched by strangers. However, their people get to see their affectionate side because these cats don’t mind sleeping in your lap.


Get an Oriental if you are a dedicated cat person and enjoy having an energetic feline companion. These cats require a lot of upkeep and have multicoloured coats. These cats are not only very talkative, but they also enjoy being the canter of attention, therefore they’ll enjoy being your constant friend!

Generally speaking, tabbies are outgoing and sociable, making them excellent pets. A tabby enjoys going on adventures and takes its playing very seriously.

Therefore, if you are considering adopting a tabby, keep in mind that these perceptive cats will require time, care, and affection to the utmost.

These cats can occasionally be grumpy and inclined to favor one person over another. You can easily get there if you make it onto their list of favourites, show them some much-needed affection, and provide a bowl of delectable cat food.

In the past, tabbies and people interacted in a special way. Humans could safeguard granaries in return for steady food, warmth, shelter, and affection.

Although they now lack any means of protection for their relationship with humans, tabbies nonetheless have one!

Although a tabby cat’s health is significantly influenced by its breed, some of the most frequent health issues are hyperthyroidism, vomiting, urinary issues, upset stomachs, and weight loss.

A tabby often lives up to 15 years. Regular vet appointments are required for your pet to pass this typical age barrier, though.

Additionally, since tabbies tend to overeat, heed the veterinarian’s food advice. Your pet tabby can live a healthy life with just regular walks and enough playtime.

View this video clip to learn more fascinating information:

There is probably at least one of these adorable felines waiting for your attention; we know you have grown to love them by this point.

Additionally, each of these cats has a striking personality, so you can always discover a cat that will blend in with your family.

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